High Tea

The British Women’s Association do a High Tea each year here in Manila at the British Ambassador’s house. And a very good job they do too. Anyone who has read Carla and my blog from our walk may remember Carla’s post on learning British terminology. “Cream Teas” were part of her new lexicon, and High Tea is essentially the same thing. Lots of ladies in beautiful dresses, and fancy hats, drinking Pimms and tea.

They serve sandwiches with the crusts cut off (cucumber and salmon sandwiches, of course) and variety of different cakes.  Of course there are also scones, jam and cream.  It really was very pretty with roses on the table and colourful bunting.

Sourcing some of this stuff in Manila can prove a little challenging.  For example, you can’t find clotted cream anywhere outside of England and UHT whipped cream isn’t really the same.  Finding tea pots was tricky too, so we all dunked our tea bags in the china cups, but who’s cares…. it was an elegant afternoon!

Sorry about the lack of hat. I was one of about five people who didn’t wear one. I simply didn’t own one and didn’t have the time to track one down here. I’ll try better next year!

2 thoughts on “High Tea

  1. I SO remember Carla’s post when the two of you had your adventure, and Carla learning the terminology. When I went to Ireland in June with girlfriends, we too, went to high tea in the incredible manor where we stayed. It was so scrumptious and so utterly lovely drinking tea next to the huge fireplace. I loved every thing about it! The clotted cream is to die for and I’m bound and determined to find it in San Diego! I ended up eating it every day on scones while I was there. Yum!


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