WPC: Nepalese Doors

This week’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Doors is an opportunity to feature Nepali doors – plain and ornate. I may have just left, but I think I’ve many a Nepali post still to come!

10 thoughts on “WPC: Nepalese Doors

  1. I love doors and there are so many amazing ones on our earth! I am so glad the gorgeous ornate palace door survived the earthquake! But how many were lost… Best, Claudia

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  2. Hello and Namaste,
    I´ve found your nice and expressive pictures and your address in the web googling for informations about the Kathmandu Valley.
    My name is Friedhelm Nunnemann, a German retired automotive engineer, who visited Nepal since 1998 many times.
    Apart from hiking and trekking I´m very interested in the religious and cultural art and architecture of the people of the Kathmandu Valley.
    At the moment I´m constructing a website http://www.kathmandu-valley-temples.com and I´m looking for pictures of temples, shrines, chaityas and sculptures of the valley to complete the database of this page.
    It would be nice and helpful if you could allow me to reproduce some of your fotos. I assure that my website is absolute non-commercial and I will quote your name as the source and owner of the pictures.
    It would be nice to get a positive answer on my request.
    With best regards and greetings from Germany


    • Hello Friedhelm. Thanks for visiting my blog and sharing information on your project. It looks like a very worthwhile endeavour and I would be happy for you to use my pictures to illustrate your site. If you link to my blog when you use a picture, I will be automatically notified and it will be a good reminder to see what your doing. Its great that that nepalese culture is being documented. All the best, Caroline


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