Good Things in Kingston: Part Two

Pretty much anywhere I go in Kingston – out my door, across the parking lot at work, or the supermarket – omnipresent in the background are the city’s moody green hills. On a sunny day they are often clear and bright, then the mists roll in suddenly and their tops are obscured for a few minutes before the mist drifts off elsewhere. On cloudy days you can see a storm coming and we wait to see if it will roll down into the Kingston lowlands or head out to sea.  When the rain comes, it can come down hard.

Kathmandu’s hills and mountains were far more dramatic, but we rarely saw them because of the intense smog. They were astounding when they appeared, just a few days per year, but I really love the rolling Kingston hills more, as are always there to greet me when I head outside and remind me that we are on a tropical island.

Mona reservoir

Up on the skyline drive above our home, the view down to the Kingston suburbs includes a bird’s eye perspective of the Mona reservoir, our new favourite walking spot.


Once you finally take off into the hills to explore, they roll on and on in tropical lushness and are wonderful to see …if you are the one not driving and the roads are less than ideal!


I love the fluffy bamboo groves that grow on the hillsides just above the city!


The lanes wind, no-one maintains the overhanging trees and verges, and pot holes abound…but worse… you never know what’s coming around the corner.  Some of the drivers are manic and the roads can be pretty scary.  This is actually a fairly mild example.  Its hard to take photos as you swing around scary curves!


The hills are filled with small towns like this.  Cars blocking traffic on the narrow road.  This was a Sunday morning and we passed a packed church on the left as we came into the town.  On the right, as we left, the air was thick with bbq and ganja smoke. …an interesting contrast!

The air in the hills is cooler and there are several nice spots to enjoy lunch and a glass of wine.  We have every intention of taking advantage!