WPC: Warning Sea Urchins!


They do look dangerous, although I’ve never seen a warning sign on any beach. But if you don’t pay attention, this happens:


The brittle spines do not come out easily. Expect to hobble around for a week until they work themselves out of your flesh! Of course there is always this revenge:

WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge:  https://dailypost.wordpress.com/photo-challenges/danger/


WPC: Wanderlust the Hiker

Lion Hike 095.jpg

My good friend Carla and I, off to hike the Coast to Coast path in Northern England.

Lion Hike 095.jpg

Cresting the Ridgeway in Southern England


Crossing the moors on the West  Highland Way, Scotland

I know I get around more than most.  One of the downsides of moving all the time is that it can wear out the spark or lust for adventure.  Just figuring out how to get your bills paid can be adventure enough at times!   For my real getaway–my real adventure– is to go long distance walking:  Seeing the trail written before you.  Following it despite whatever the weather throws at you.  Wondering what is around the next corner.


WPC: Circles

Happy New Year!  Breaking a long respite from the weekly photo challenge with this week’s theme of circles:

hand thrown pots

An oldie but goodie from the now earthquake-destroyed pottery square in Bhaktapur


Pumpkins in storage at a Chitwan farm

night blooming cactus flower

The inside of a night blooming cactus flower


Decorative mandalas at Tihar


The inside of a hollow tree