WPC: Wanderlust the Hiker

Lion Hike 095.jpg

My good friend Carla and I, off to hike the Coast to Coast path in Northern England.

Lion Hike 095.jpg

Cresting the Ridgeway in Southern England


Crossing the moors on the West  Highland Way, Scotland

I know I get around more than most.  One of the downsides of moving all the time is that it can wear out the spark or lust for adventure.  Just figuring out how to get your bills paid can be adventure enough at times!   For my real getaway–my real adventure– is to go long distance walking:  Seeing the trail written before you.  Following it despite whatever the weather throws at you.  Wondering what is around the next corner.


15 thoughts on “WPC: Wanderlust the Hiker

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  2. Wow, I want to do that too! Where do you stay and how long of of a hike/walk is it? (Where do you stop and start?). Needs to go on my bucket list!


    • Hi Susie. It was actually three different hikes. The C2C goes across the North of England from the Lake District to the North York Moors and is about 190 miles. The Ridgeway is about 70 miles and is much easier. The West Highland Way starts near Glasgow and goes about 100 miles. They are all great. Email me if you want more details.


    • I loved it. Its pretty tough in parts but there’s such variety. We took 13 days to do it, with a day off in Richmond. You’ll need navigation skills for the Lake District Section and the help of good OS maps and a book. But the Yorkshire Dales and North York Moors are pretty easy. I started my blog with posts on this walk (look in tab “hiking adventures). Back then I naively thought that I could post from the road, so please excuse the poor quality and skimpy posts. I can make book and map recommendations if you ever get to it.

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      • Wonderful – thanks! I just may take you up on that someday. I will check your old posts, too – funny because when I first found you, I was drawn to your then location in Nepal and your connection with Greece, so I’m not sure I ever read any other parts!


  3. Great read!!! Love the hiking tale 🙂 I gave ya a follow. I have a few hiking tales myself you might enjoy, would appreciate the follow back. But otherwise thanks for the tips and story 🙂


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