UVWXYZ: Closing Jamaica


I just ran out of time.

June came and so did the pack out preparation, then the packers, then the mad last minute rush of things to do before our exit.  By the end of June I was in London, suddenly literally (and figuratively) thousands of miles away from Jamaica.  At the end of August we arrived in Serbia and have been busy reversing all the actions that kept us so occupied during the last few weeks in Kingston. The weeks rolled by.  My blog has sat silent for an unbelievably long six months, as almost everything in my life has changed, and I still kept kicking the blogging can further and further down the road.  Anyone who has ever blogged will understand that it is hard to reignite a neglected blog.  Certainly part of the procrastination is pondering its value in the first place and whether it still serves me and the handful of people who read it.

I don’t have the motivation to finish the drafts for the end of the alphabet:  U is for Unsafe, W is for Watering Holes (bars), V is for Vendors, Y is for Yams, and Z is for Zion will probably remain unpublished.  But the exercise did serve me well, as it forced me to dig into some of what I had learned and experienced–good and bad– during what was a really unsettled and quite unhappy time in Jamaica.  I regret that things weren’t more generally positive , but now it seems that the reasons are less important than the need to move on and turn the page.  So here it is — the line — and a fresh start in a Belgrade.  Stay tuned!