A Word A Week Photo Challenge – Transport

As this blog (and its owner) continues to take a much needed hiatus from all things Nepali, I thought I’d focus on Greek transportation for this week’s challenge.  In particular the local ferry, which is a much needed lifeline between our island and the mainland, carrying produce, meat and dairy in refrigerated trucks as well as building supplies, gasoline– – you name it — to the local economy.

And so 6-8 times a day, its a game of “everybody off, everybody on” as the ferry disembarks and reloads on each side.  Full trucks come onto the island, and empty trucks leave. Then there’s the motorbikes, three-wheelers, miscellaneous freight and pedestrians that travel back and forth too. I tried to capture a little of the chaos on the dock:


The motorcycles are made to wait for the trucks to unload….


….but once they’re on, its a free-for-all as the bikes and pedestrians head up the ramp.


…then on comes the next load.


Of course, it would be so much more civilized if they didn’t let drivers park on the dock. I couldn’t take this picture until they had let me embark. By then all the trucks had left, so it doesn’t look so chaotic. A few minutes before it was a madhouse of badly maneuvering trucks, parked cars, and jostling motorbikes.


And then for the umpteenth time, the ramp goes up and the ferry heads back across. Suddenly everything is calm and picturesque again. (Almost) like all the chaos never happened.


Sometimes it feels like this guy has the best job in the world.

A Word a Week Photo Challenge: Traditional




I’m spoiled for choice with this week’s word “Traditional“, as tradition reigns in Nepal. But I think I’ll go for something Filipino to ring the changes… These adorable kids from a local school were doing the traditional hat and stick dance at our Embassy welcome party, and they lit up the room!

For the original story see Community Welcome Party.

Mr. Momo

The A Word A Week Photo Challenge this week is “Kitsch” and there’s no end of it here – at least by Western tastes.  Let’s start with Mr Momo, a steamed dumpling with legs! The animated personification of Nepal’s favourite snack!


But why stop there?!  Bhatbhetini Department Store is a treasure trove of perfect gifts for that persons that likes to make a statement.  Classy, tacky, kitsch?  You decide:


A Word A Week Photo Challenge: Inside


Near Didima, South of Athens, Greece are some strange holes in the mountainside.  They look like craters made by striking meteors, but are in fact sink holes in the side of the mountain. Tucked inside the sink holes are two tiny churches, built into the rock crevices.



To make it inside the crater, you need to lower yourself down a precariously steep set of stairs hewn into the rock.  It feels like an adventure! And a treat too as the stairs have been whitewashed for extra Greek charm…


…And once you’ve made it down and into the church, you’ll find it as charmingly rustic on the inside as the outside.          A beautiful place.



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