WPC: Glimpses of Caribbean Life (Evanescent)

ev·a·nes·cent:  soon passing out of sight, memory, or existence; quickly fading or disappearing.
I like to capture daily life from the car whenever possible.  You get tiny vignettes of people’s regular routines, a glimpse of the mundane, extraordinary or odd.  They are not always the best quality shots but I enjoy them for their evanescent quality all the same:


6 thoughts on “WPC: Glimpses of Caribbean Life (Evanescent)

  1. Oh these are terrific! I do the same thing, from cars, trains, buses. I’ve gotten some of my best shots that way. They’re are little cameos of unadulterated real life, shots you’d hardly ever get from outside the vehicle.

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  3. I really love these vignettes, these cultural slices in to the mundane. Although I’ve never had this as an intentional practice like you do, I can boast a snap shot from a tuk-tuk in Thailand of 6 orange robed monks exiting a 7-11. 🙂

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  4. It’s funny – I do the same thing too… But as you say, careful not to let people see me taking photos, as people are always uncomfortable with that – unless they are posing for the camera! I love street scenes, just little moments in people’s lives.

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