An Accompanied Tour

The dust bunnies have precious few places to hide in this partially furnished apartment.  So they roll down the edges of the hallways like something out of a John Wayne movie.  The brand new rugs throw up new lint, which feeds them until they turn into large tumbleweeds and the air conditioning blows them around.<Insert theme from “The Good, The Bad and The Ugly>. After about 10 days of living in a cowboy movie, I decided living here without a proper broom and mop was not an option.  So, as previously mentioned yesterday, we set off in search.

Now we are a proud owner of an Orga Super Mop <read: metal stick with a cloth attached>…, which left me with the next reality of mopping all that floor space.  It is wonderful to have all this square footage to spread out.  I can’t hear the TV or other people’s phone calls, and there’s always a quiet corner to read or hang out and look at the view (a favourite pass time).  However, someone needs to clean it occasionally <sigh>..…

So accompanied by my new aforementioned mop, I thought it would be fun to get the job done and share a little more of our new home.  (There are five bathrooms, for goodness sake!)

So off we go starting in the kitchen:

Door behind leads to maids area, utility room and more bathrooms and toilet…not even going there right now..

And off towards dining room.. Note electric sockets in the kitchen.  We have both 110 and 220 and all electric gadgets are color coded, orange or green.  Make sure you plug the right one into the right socket or BANG!

And onward through the cavernous living/den area:

And then there’s the entrance way:

And the hallways:

Master (and other bedrooms):

And finally my -soon to be– office.

PHEW!  Maybe hiring a little help might be a good idea?!  What’s is going be like when we actually get our stuff?!  More photos then….

8 thoughts on “An Accompanied Tour

  1. Caroline – what a beautiful home! I love all that light – so refreshing. Love the kitchen too – are you finding it big enough for your cooking? I know that American’s have enormous kitchens – wonder what it’s like there. What beautiful views! Do those windows open?

    So exciting!


    • The embassy gives us a welcome kit of a few saucepans etc. so we can do basic cooking until our stuff arrives, which won’t be until March. So cooking is pretty basic at the moment. I’m using saucepans as mixing bowls….luxury camping style!


  2. Wow, beautiful! Definitely a change from Hopewell… It’s hard to imagine you all there, but the pictures help a lot! Wishing all three of you a happy transition. Keep the blogs coming! love to all.


  3. Caroline,

    What a beautiful home -what a view and all that light! I sometimes catch house hunters int’l and when people from US move abroad it is to much smaller digs but you certainly lucked out. Did they find the apartment for you or did you have a choice?

    Much happiness in your new home!



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