WPC: Forces of Nature

I can hardly believe this week’s theme given what just happened here in Kathmandu.  Nature showed us what she could do to people, their lives, their property, and even the ground beneath our feet.  As we all struggle to find our footing again, I find myself driving around town, looking aghast at some of the changes the earthquake brought.  People are so accustomed to seeing dramatic pictures of world disasters on TV, or spectacular images of disasters occurring in movies. Perhaps people won’t think these images of broken bookcases or cracked walls are much evidence of the immense force  of an earthquake?  But for me, when I look at the destruction, it makes me remember the feeling of helplessness that an earthquake brings; feeling ant-like and hopelessly powerless, standing on a moving plate that is shaking kilometers below with enough force to do this kind of damage:

S0994437 DSCF4249 S0064147 S0094176 S0104177 S0294300 S0354329 S0884426


14 thoughts on “WPC: Forces of Nature

    • Thanks Susan. It was. But we are all getting back to normal and smiling again. Others aren’t so lucky, but the city is feeling more and more normal each day. Demolition and repairs will take a long time though. (Thanks for following too!) Kind regards, Caroline


  1. The news pictures we are still seeing from Nepal are scary, many poor lives lost being found, and the numbers keep climbing. If normalcy is returning the news prefers showing us the drama. Glad things are improving for Katmandu, hope your lives are also returning to normal. Have after shocks & tremors finally stopped? Thinking of you both all the time- xos


    • I know. However, the drama has moved out to the small villages and hard to reach places, so they are losing interest. Of course, the drama still goes on. Tremors have died down quite a bit. They are probably in the 2s and 3s and not every day


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  3. It’s what happens. Disaster news are splashed across the front pages and as time passes, it goes into the back pages and disappears. Meanwhile people are rebuilding their lives from scratch. Glad you’re ok. Thank you for helping us remember the realities.


  4. Nature proved itself for sure. I’ve been telling the family for many years that they should build single or two storey homes because the big one will come. My advice fell on deaf ears. Now we have discovered cracks everywhere


    • I think a big part of the problem is that the last big earthquake is outside of almost everyone’s living memory. We planned for it and I still rolled my eyes when we had to do drills and equipment checks. Its human nature I guess. Hopefully your cracks aren’t structural?

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