WPC: Time

I considered lots of approaches for this week’s challenge: clocks, ancient places, ancient faces, timeless graces…  but I think I like the idea of the passage of time the most.  Every year Latham and I take a picture for his birthday at the gate of our Greek home.  Here is the passage of time over twenty years.  Time indeed waits for no one.  And what a story it tells!:

15 thoughts on “WPC: Time

  1. So sweet! I love his attitude changes throughout the years, from adoration to toleration and back (although you look close in all of them). Also impressively good use made of the one colorful dress/cover-up! 🙂


    • The attitude changes are my biggest take away too. So funny how they have to move away at a certain age but then come back…thank goodness. (I have my hands around his 13 year old neck for a reason!! We could barely get him to participate!)


  2. Oh I love this so much! It reflects the care and thought we put in to the rearing of our children ~ remembering to take the photo, preparing the poster… may you have many more Greek home, Latham and mama moments. what a handsome young man you’ve created!


    • Thanks Claudia. Remember to take the photo is a big deal every year. We always say we will do it early and always end up rushing around at the last minute. The poster tradition started with cutting out magazines to make the numbers because it was hard to find art supplies on the island..and it sort of stuck!


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  4. Caroline….this is so special…I wish I had done something similar with my two sons when they were growing up. Now that I have become a grandmother (Nonna Linda)…maybe I can start something with little Henry Christopher on his birthday each year. Miss you and would love to see you again someday in Jamaica! Love Linda


  5. Wow, that’s a great tradition! And it’s wonderful how you can see the lovely changes… Inspired to do something similar when I have a kid of my own 😉


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