Sign Language: English Lessons

I couldn’t resist. If it had been a notice about washing your hands, or turning off the lights, anything else really…. I would have left it unedited. But the subject made it too tempting to ignore. So I made the corrections:


Afterwards, I must say I felt guilty. Did I shame someone who’s already trying to work on their less than perfect English? Someone who may have poor English only because they never got the chance to study properly at school? Perhaps someone more sensitive than me took down the sign after I left? Ugh. I felt like a bad person.

Or maybe they appreciated it? The sign may have taught me a lesson too.

6 thoughts on “Sign Language: English Lessons

    • Thanks for your encouragement. However, I think it was uninvited…and that’s always risky. Later this week, I have to go back over the warehouse where the sign’s located. My guess is that someone took it down. We’ll see?!


  1. This blog resonates with me. I took up Basic Sign Language and as a hearing person, I struggled with the written grammar of the Deaf. I eventually understood the missing links in writing. Sign language does not always use exact words and it’s meanings and how they sign is generally how they will write. I kept correcting their grammar too! 🙂


    • Hi Rina. Thanks for commenting and an interesting perspective. I had no idea how written English and sign language for the deaf interacted. I enjoy the hidden language and stories in signs, which is why I started the sign language section on my blog. Signs tell so many stories! Interesting that you are in the Philippines too. Miss it! Kind regards, Caroline


  2. I am the same. Although I am not a native English speaker, when I do see obvious errors like these, I can’t help but correct them or feel irritated, haha. Where was this? In Nepal?


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