Day 5: At Patterdale

ok- to start we are at a pub internet terminal and thekeyboard reall y stinks.So we are nnont going bak to corect errors…

Too muh to tell on this keyboard but trek to Stonethwaite from Black Sailwentwell.  We got to he ridgeof Loft Beckbut couldn’t findthe path.  We could see where we wantedto go but could findhow to get there.  So we blazed a path. Arrived safe in Honister. Waseasy from thereon.

Wokeup on Weds and weater was bad.  Went anoter way to Grasmere along Derwentwater lake to Keswick.  Took Carla on double deckerbus dow to Grasmere.  No other way.

Toured Grasmere.  Saw RAF planes and Wordsworth grave.  (I hate this keyboard)…

Next mornng left for 10 mile hiketo Patterdale.  It was a eally beautiful hike.  Took lots of pictures but stupid pub computer has no usb port!!!!    Rained alot but arrived safe.

Tomorrow forecast is heayvy rain andwe haveworstday of hiking of trip. (16 miles, huge climb, sharp fall, long long overland hike) Oh well.. it sounded like a good idea atthe time!!!

Signing offb before I kickthis thing!!

4 thoughts on “Day 5: At Patterdale

  1. 16 Miles, nice day, start early, on the Appalachian Trail I average 1.5 – 2 MPH, 30-35 pound pack on really uneven, rocky terrain with lots of ups and downs, with lighter packs…..2 MPH = 8 hours, 16 left……..8 to eat and drink, 8 to sleep. Enjoy the British weather.

    Del Q


  2. Fantastic! Keep up the worries about the wacky keyboarding. Just assume that you are writing in ancient gaelic ..
    Tom is jealous and I am inspired to get a wee bit more exercise into my daily routine.


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