Birthday Beach Party in Siquijor


Birthday dinner at our pimped-out tropical table.

No sooner had Nikki and Paul settled in to our home and grabbed their first night of real sleep, we were up at the butt crack of dawn and hustling to get on a flight to Dumaguete, on the island of Negros.  From there it was a one hour hydrofoil trip over to Siquijor island to stay at the wonderful Coco Grove Beach Resort. The trip wasn’t dreadful but less than smooth. It was just one of the travel days where the pieces don’t come together: the lines are too long, your tray table won’t stay up, the ferry is late, and the terminal had no electricity.  We were very glad to arrive at Coco Beach.   Fortunately, the resort was totally worth the wait.  Just beautiful!  And big!  On the first day it felt enormous and we wondered around among the pretty cottages, palm trees and powder white sands.

It was also Robert’s birthday and it took a little hustling to organize the evening birthday dinner.  Its hard picking the right location when you don’t understand the restaurant layouts or dining options.  But I found a nice spot down on the beach and they did a fantastic job of glamming it up for the celebration with palm fronds, candles and bunting.

Then came the fire dancers.  I wish I could take credit for organizing them, but it was the resort’s Saturday night entertainment which took place right on the beach under the stars.  Drummers drummed, and the firedancers danced.  It was pretty entertaining.


_COX4297_COX4298And, of course, no Birthday’s complete without a bit of cake. And these days one slice is just enough for both of us!  And this slice came with a singing troupe.  One of the more memorable birthdays, I think.


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