Travel Theme: Arches

Archways are often grand statements or a supporting part of intricate architecture.  For my entry in this week’s travel theme: arches, I decided to take a look at a different kind of arch that I’ve seen around quite a lot.  I’ve noticed a surprising similarity between towns in the Philippines (barangays) and some districts in the Nepal. There is often some kind of archway as you enter the town. Its a welcome to visitors and an announcement of where you are.  These arches are grand in their own way I suppose.  Here are a few interesting examples:


A typical town archway in the Philippines

Entrance to Namobuddha stupa

Is it really an arch if it’s not curved? This square “archway” is at the entrance of Namobuddha stupa, outside of Kathmandu


This ornately painted archway is at the entrance way into Sankhu, a town in the eastern part of the Kathmandu valley

Entrance to Woolwich market

And finally, when I was walking on the Thames Path in London, I noticed this archway over the entrance to Woolwich Market. It reminded me of the Philippines. The sign dates Woolwich market back to the 1600s. I wonder if signed archways used to be a thing in the UK back then too?

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