The S**t I do!

I don’t like having a four letter word in my blog post title.  But do you ever do things and catch yourself wondering what the hell you were thinking?  I had that kind of a moment a couple of weeks ago when I watched about twelve guys try to glue the end of a 32 foot banner for me.  The banner was way too long for their print shop table, so the project had to be taken out of the shop and into the covered shopping mall walkway.

As you might imagine in this dusty, polluted city, the walkway was filthy and I knew it had to be glued face down.  Guys with a yard stick appeared and measured the space, another set showed up with sheets of newspaper.  The 32ft strip was laid down, rolled length ways and flipped on to it face.  All the time I thinking “Jeez, how long is this going to take, I have a meeting at two.”  “Is it going to actually stick?”  “Have they done this before, or am I going to end up with an experiment gone wrong?””It’s going to crack or be filthy.”

It actually worked. Two hours behind schedule I was in the car and heading back to work with a clean banner that was ready to hang.  They did a good job.   How did I ever doubt myself or them?!!  Leap of faith, guys….jump and hope the net appears!

16 days