When I’m Cleaning Windows….

Everyone’s been complaining about the increasingly dirty windows recently.  We were wondering how often they actually got cleaned and have learnt that the answer is “barely ever”.  So it was exciting to see a notice in the lobby a week ago saying that the window cleaning would start this week.  Why they picked the rainy season, I’m not sure…?

Anyway, while working in the kitchen today, I watched this cage lower itself down….

And three guys step out with a cloth and one bucket of very dirty water.  They hung out on the precarious metal “architectural feature” that runs down the building and smoked cigarettes and texted for a while.  I guess they were on break.  It was really weird to have three guys hanging OUTSIDE my dining room twenty floors in the air. I didn’t want to photograph them in case they thought I was going to get them in trouble or something.  I waited until they started work.  Here they are once the action got going:

The precarious ledge sans workers. (Yes they did have harnesses, but it still looked pretty dangerous to me):

The result?  Eh…a bit better.  Not exactly smudgefree.  But I’m not sure I could have done better with only one bucket of water, 50 floors and no squeegee…  Until next year then….


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