Manila Marine Ball

Almost three weeks ago now, Robert and I attended our first Marine Ball and it has taken me forever to get around to posting it…  so before it becomes too much of a distant memory, here’s how it went….

Every year the Embassy throws an annual party to thank the Marines for their services.  Every US Embassy is protected by a core of Marines and Manila is no exception.  They are the ones that guard the Embassy on a 24/7 basis, plus provide assistance to individuals and the whole Embassy community in an emergency.  If memory serves, the invitation told me that it was the 236th Ball, which means that these events have been going on quite a while.

Its a black tie event.  Women are in long evening dress, and men in monkey suits or — as Robert chose – formal Filipinno attire, the barong.  I think he selected it to avoid wearing a tux, but the bonus was that I think we both expected it to be cooler.  Not so.  Turns out coconut fibre with a thick cotton undershirt equals plenty of opportunities to sweat.  And for anyone that knows the hubby, he took full advantage….

Anyway, it was really fun to dress up and here are a few posey photos taken before we went:
The hotel that hosted the event held about 400 of us in the ballroom.  After dinner the Marines do a presentation of their services and finish by bringing in a ginormous cake, pictured here as best I could in the dark.  Look for the snazzy uniforms in the background.  A great evening!

6 thoughts on “Manila Marine Ball

  1. You two look delicious with your fire red gown and that sweet innocent barong. I am proud to be somehow a part of you two looking fabulous and beautifully complimented. Very happy indeed!!! CARMEN


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