Weekly Photo Challenge: The Peoples Park in the Sky

Its supposed to read “The People’s Park in the Sky”, but lack of funds and care at this point has reduced the lettering to 60% and several of the letters were precariously swinging from their last connected screw.  The recent typhoons probably gave the rusted letters a real workout.

We visited the park to experience the fantastic views of Lake Taal and the Taal volcano. The views were great.  My camera and the haze don’t do it justice.  You could see for miles:

The site was originally built by Marcos and his wife as a guest house to host Ronald Reagan during his scheduled presidential visit.  However, the visit was canceled and the buildings were never finished.  What was completed was renamed from “The Palace in the Sky” to “The People’s Park in the Sky” and opened to the public.  (Shades of communist China to me.) Sadly it looks like not a penny was spent since its opening…and it sits there crumbling with vendors selling tourist tidbits from the half-completed basement.

There something about places like this that always give me the chills!  Loved the view and loved Tagaytay though. The city of Tagaytay is set on a lake and there’s lots to see and do. With quite a few choices for places to stay, Tagaytay definitely qualifies as interesting place to visit for a short weekend break.  Its only 1.5 hrs from Manila and a world apart.

This post is a participant in the Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Letters.

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