Latham’s Shiphrah Birthing Home Film

Shiphrah Birthing Home is one of the local charities supported by the US Embassy Club here in Manila.  Shiphrah do an amazing job of helping the working poor with pre- and postnatal care for pregnant women, including delivery of the baby.  They have done an amazing amount of good with very little, for a long-time, renting a property for over 15 years to use as the birthing home.  Recently, they have agreed to purchase the building and have been fundraising for the purchase price.  We haven’t been able to attend their fundraising dinners, but we were able to help out a little with publicity.  Latham made a short, informative film about the work that they do.  Hopefully it will help them get the word out about Shiphrah, Latham was able to get high school community service hours for his efforts, and I had the privilege of learning more about who they are and what they do.  Please take a minute to watch.

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