Sign Language: Slippery When Wet


I liked this sign for a number of reasons:

Its located at the bottom of a small, man made waterfall next to a restaurant set in a stream.  Everything is wet, all the time.  Kids were constantly jumping from the very slippery, alga-covered rock ledge. There could never be a moment when everything within a 100 yards would not be soaking wet.

The English is perfect but charmingly quaint.  We do indeed “suffer” injuries,but  elsewhere we have just forgotten that fact in favour of language crafted by lawyers.

Located in a tourist restaurant, the waterfall location was a lot of fun, but very treacherous in places. It would have been extremely easy to slip and break something, or worse.  A warning sign would surely have not been enough for the law suits elsewhere.  Here it stands demanding common sense and good parenting skills.

What do you think?

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