Sign Language: For Decorative Purposes Only?

Some people sarcastically comment that street signs here have no meaning and are only for decorative purposes.  I beg to differ.  Here’s my take on the functional interpretation of road signs here in Manila:

Sign:  Stop Sign


Description:  Red hexagon

Possible Meaning: You may stop here if you feel like it, or if you would like to send a text

Sign: Pedestrian Crossing


Description:  White stripes across the road.

Possible meaning: Beware of foreign pedestrians shouting and screaming at you for some unknown reason

Sign:  Traffic Light

traffic light

Description:  Pole with coloured lights

Possible Interpretation of colours:  Green = Go.  Yellow = Go faster.  Red = Stop (unless your on a motorbike, then you can go anyway.)

Lane Markings


Description:  White lines painted down the middle of the road.  Inexplicably, comes in two different designs:  solid or dashed

Possible meaning: A suggestion on how you might like to form lanes if traffic is not too heavy.

Sign: No Parking


Description:  White Circle with a crossed out P

Possible Meaning:  Other people may not park here

Am I wrong?!


What do you think?

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