60 Days: The Countdown Continues


We just passed the “60 days ‘til departure” mark.  And as I flick back to my “90 days” and 120 day posts, I realise that we have come a long way…both practically and mentally.  The departure still feels like its in slow motion – it will have been an eleven month process after all – but I do feel a sense of progress and an end in sight as we have tied down various inspection dates and the all important pack out date in June.  Its certainly nowhere near as hectic as our New Jersey departure.  (Preparing the house to sell and trying to sell the damn thing was overwhelming.)  I’m also not a hoarder so we don’t have piles and piles of stuff to clear through, and what needs sorting has been processed.

We’re starting to tie down details in Kathmandu also, and have our new housing assignment, and college details are coming together. Now we just have to pass through Latham’s finals, a three week tunnel that we are just entering now.  Time is definitely speeding up, every week seems a little shorter, and the landmark dates and experiences check themselves off….  See you at the 30 day mark. ;o)

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