Mrs Wilson Goes to Washington


Cooking with Carla. Whatever were we fixin’ ?…..I can’t even remember…but we had fun!

After almost three years overseas, returning to DC felt like closing the loop on our Manila experience.  I have visited on and off over the years or to see Robert when he was in training but not more than a couple of weeks at a time.  Our last stay was the longest and I l learnt to find my way around the city and the metro a little.

Washington DC Metro

The Washington DC Metro is clean, safe and efficient but a little like a science fiction movie too. Someone turn on the lights!

So when Carla came to visit at the beginning of our stay I was able to act as tour guide — at least a little.  I happily planned three loosey goosey days of activities starting with the sales.  After almost three years in Manila I needed new stuff – I couldn’t buy clothes to fit there — and Carla very kindly helped me tackle Ann Taylor to stock up.  Its so hard clothes shopping only every couple of years or so for a different place that you’ve never visited.  If you’re too hesitant then you end up wishing you’d bought more…too gungho and the credit card takes a hammering and you end up with stuff you don’t need.  What to buy…what to buy?


What about this one?

The next day we spent some time at the American History museum checking out 1950’s transportation, Julia Childs and the history of American food…all one floor I might add. That place is big!  Then did one of our walks through downtown DC, past the White House and all the way back to Dupont Circle where we were staying.  We both like seeing cities on foot!

Day three was at the wonderful Washington zoo.  Latham had his new camera and took loads of pictures testing out his new equipment.  We went early on a rainy day and avoided the summer crowds.  Free admission makes it so easy to go for a short casual trip and go back more times.


This sign was just made for tourist pics!


Having an early evening dinner on the deck. When the sun went down, we also got a floor show. Ugly Naked Guy … as we dubbed him… would parade around bare-arsed naked in front of the window next to our table. He did this every night, displaying everything except his face. We did wonder….?!

The house and location really made our stay and it was great having Carla come and enjoy it with us.  We especially enjoyed basil-laced gin and tonics on the deck and watching the darkening evening sky….despite Ugly Naked Guy….a dip or two in the hot tub. Next stop….New York City!




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