Weekly Photo Challenge: Fresh

For me “fresh” doesn’t really mean signs of Spring like melting snow or fresh flowers.  In pollution-choked Kathmandu, fresh is the quality of the air, and visiting a place where the plants are green and not coated in dust.  The good news is that an hour drive out of the city takes you out of the valley’s smoggy haze and into a cleaner, fresher environment.  And although I was tempted to do a Nepali interpretation of “fresh” with wonderful mountain views, my mind kept going to South Africa where we visited this Christmas.  Oh, the fresh air, bracing winds, sparkling, sunny, blue skies, and freezing cold waters that clear out your lungs and take your breath away!  Now that’s fresh!… Here’s a late afternoon walk we took along Cape Town’s, Cammp’s Bay in December:

DSCF9063 DSCF9069 DSCF9072 DSCF9073


6 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Fresh

  1. You’re so right about Kathmandu. But if you go outside the city, the air seems fresh and the quality of life improves. Not, however, as much as these beautiful pictures you’ve shared from S. Africa. Thanks for the freshness!


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