30 Seconds: Kathmandu from the Back Seat

We have drivers here in Kathmandu. I’ve a personal driver who takes us back and forth to work and motor pool drivers that take me to work events. Its a necessity really, not a luxury. I don’t think I could ever stand to drive here myself amid all the traffic mayhem or take the crowded, tiny micro buses that serve as public transportation. So I spend a lot of time in the back of a car, watching flashing images of people, places and things fly by the window. The surprising, the colourful, and the sometimes downright scary, make up for the monotony of traffic and the blare of omnipresent horns. Sometimes, I try to capture all of the craziness with my camera, but often soon as something interesting appears, it is gone. But, occasionally, I succeed and a little bit of the city is captured with my lens. Here’s a set of some of the better images, presented as close to realism as I can manage. Plug your ears!

12 thoughts on “30 Seconds: Kathmandu from the Back Seat

  1. Wonderful! This reminded me so much of my arrival in and first glimpse of Kathmandu … the rubble, the tangles of wires, the dogs, the garbage, the dogs eating the garbage (!), but also a colorful, unique beauty, especially the people.


    • Yes, it was a totally different place back then. Even now, when people compare it to India now, it’s considered “India Lite”…but compared to forty years ago, people who knew it back then find it recognizably ruined. So sad.

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  3. LOL… reminds me of my trip last November there, although not so noisy -perhaps I landed on holiday- and most of the time I walked around in the tourist spots except Thamel hahaha…. overall I like Nepal… pokhara is better (less quiet) hahaha….


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