Cow Among the Pigeons…

When I got out the car today in Dhurbar Square, there was not one, but two cows looking at me, both surrounded by a sea of pigeons…above them, around them and sitting on their heads.  Here’s the other one:

It was quite a sight.  I know, I know. I have a bit of a cow theme going on this month…but who cares.  One day, I’ll stop noticing cows in the street and think its normal, right…?  But for now I can’t stop marveling at the incongruity of having bovine vagabonds hanging out on street corners, rummaging through garbage and generally behaving like stray dogs.  Its just weird and amusing.

Here’s a few more that I have snapped on my travels around Kathmandu streets.

kathmandu cows

Having a scratch on a sidewalk somewhere


Resting by the side of a bridge

Kathmandu cows

This one was just wandering through traffic looking for its mum

All these cows and no McDonalds!

3 thoughts on “Cow Among the Pigeons…

    • Well the interesting thing is that they aren’t tethered. They just wander around the city doing what they please. Some of them may belong to people, and some of them are definitely stray. I haven’t really figured it out yet!


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