7 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Between

    • Thanks. I was stumped and then I stumbled across this one. I originally was taking photos of motorcyclists here in Kathmandu to illustrate the strange phenomenon of only the driver wearing a crash helmet. (Drivers always do. Passengers never.) Then this one had an added bonus!


  1. There may be no better place to sleep but is it safe??? At least that was my first thought, but then again, I’m definitely no lover of motorcycle transportation so I may not be the best authority when it comes to speaking to safety on these things! Thanks for sharing such a great interpretation of this week’s challenge though; nice job 🙂


    • No its really not safe! But its such a reality of life here and there are so many problems…it hard to even think about helmets. They have a law that is enforced for drivers to wear helmets, so they actually do wear them. However, somehow it doesn’t include passengers as well. Go figure! Thanks for comments and I’m not a big fan of motorbikes too!


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