Weekly Photo Challenge: Signs

I was excited to see this week’s Photo Challenge theme on Signs.  I’ve always had a thing about signs and what they have to say about different cultures. I actually have a section on my blog devoted to them. They offer little insights and clues into a culture’s priorities, buying preferences, or sense of humor.  Sometimes all three. I love noticing what they have to say about where I live, or at least the questions they raise.  Often they leave me stumped too.

Take today for example:  Stuck in a small developing world airport, I was delayed for hours, waiting around inside a concrete box with no internet connection, a dead battery, nowhere to charge, and no book…   People watching ran its course.  I studied the bad paint job.  I kept looking at the broken clock.  I peered regularly out the window hoping to see our plane land.  After a while it was just me and the signs staring back at one another.  Here are the two that graced the airport’s walls today:


The Greenply company manufactures commercial plywood. Quite why they would have a public stance on bad language is a bit of a mystery? In fact, what they are trying to say is a bit of a mystery too. After hours of uncomfortable staring at an otherwise blank wall, I’m still not clear on the point?  Suggestions welcome!


My other choice was this one. How to even begin?! Thinly veiled sexual innuendo, blatant false advertising (where is the “serving suggestion” label)…since when do Nepalis eat Thai noodles?… very odd indeed!

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