Christmas in South Africa: Blue Seas and Blue Skies


I can’t believe its almost March. Firstly because time has flown by so quickly, but also that I haven’t yet time to think about blogging on the subject of two wonderful weeks in South Africa over the Christmas period.  A further six months had passed since we were in Greece and out of the Kathmandu smog, and we were very ready for another fresh air break.  Cape Town had an abundance of fresh air, blue skies and blue seas and we loved it.

Friends kindly lent us their apartment with fantastic views out to the city and the sea.  Nepal has amazing vistas but views of the mountains from Kathmandu are rare and most mornings we are greeted with haze, smog or fog…sometimes, I think, all three.  Here the sea met the sky, the wind blew blustery fresh air and rang in our ears, but there was no cacophony of horns ruining the peace of the balcony….just lots of fresh air and that incredible view.  I so hope that once we get to Jamaica this summer that we will finally be able to live in a home where you can open the windows and enjoy sitting outside again.  Manila and Kathmandu have been impossible like that.  I am really ready for a change.

Here a few wonderful impressions of Cape Town’s outside living that I took away with me:


Ships that pass in the night, we didn’t see…but we did see plenty during the day.  It was intriguing to imagine them scooting around the base of the African continent traveling from one side of the world to the other.  And straight out in front of us….next stop Antarctica.


The beaches were beautiful and the seas choppy and freezing.  Even in the summer, it was far too cold to just paddle, at least for me…


…although there were souls much braver around.  You can’t tell from the photo but the water practically has ice cubes floating in it!!


The famous Table Mountain displaying why it got its name.  And also showing us the “table cloth” a rare patch of cloudy sky that likes to hang out on the mountain top and descend quickly and unexpectedly on the unprepared.  We never made it up there because of the weather.  Too bad.


Seas like this reminded me for notoriaty of the Cape of Good Hope…these are crashing waves at Hermanus Beach, an area famous for whale sightings.



Finally, beautiful Cammps Bay in Cape Town.  Teeming with restaurants, beach bars, beach activities and crowds.  What it lacked in water sports, it made up for with everything else!

More South Africa to follow…

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