…And now let’s take it all out the boxes again..

Its so hard to imagine your new home in a new country before you get there. Especially in Kingston, as they had no pictures to send us in advance. No amount of Googling and scanning the streets with Google Earth really gives you an impression of your new home. But arrive we did, and the streets of Northern Kingston turned out to be much more attractive than the internet let on.


A typical street near us. Green hills beyond, lots of ups and downs, pot holes and palm trees.

Three weeks after we moved in, the handbuilt crates that we watched Nepalis build in our garden showed up with all of our possessions.


Here we go again!  Oh the unpacking!


I made some kind of effort to get the boxes in the right rooms but a lot of it was hit or miss


Looking from the ‘would be’ living room through to what was going to be the dining room


The kitchen was much more modern than Kathmandu but we almost all our appliances were either broken or missing. Part of my shaky start here.


Note the wooden shutters to either side of the French doors are typically Jamaican from before the world of air conditioning came along. They are closed in the picture, but we now keep them open to let in light as the house is pretty dark.



The typical car port that so many townhouses here have. Good for unloading and loading the car in the tropical rain, but they block a huge amount of light.

Anyway, this is a little glimpse of home life here. We are unpacked and trying to make it home. Another blog post of the finished product may follow!

13 thoughts on “…And now let’s take it all out the boxes again..

  1. We are glad you are here in Jamaica, Caroline! Yes, Jamaican houses do tend to be dark. Ours is older and has lots of ventilation. Handbuilt crates – how lovely. Do you miss Nepal, I wonder?


  2. Thoroughly interesting, Caroline. The house is nice I think but I’d hate to have to sort out all those packing boxes. I’m not surprised that things were missing. I have Nepali friends in the cargo business and I was totally shocked at what goes on. I’ll be very interested in seeing the ‘after’ pictures. I watch House Hunters International every day but I’ve never seen Kathmandu nor Kingston.


    • The unpacking of boxes is no fun and its getting very old. Fortunately, nothing was missing from our stuff, it was the appliances that are supposed to be supplied with the house that were broken and missing. (Bad customer service!)


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