WPC: The Jamaican Road Taken

I love taking pictures from the car whenever I can.  I often capture random people and places, which often have no part in another story.  Here are some favourite, surprising glimpses of Jamaican life taken from the road:



9 thoughts on “WPC: The Jamaican Road Taken

  1. You got some great shots. I do the same – I take pictures from any moving vehicle I happen to be in – bus, train, car, bicycle taxi. Sometimes all I get is a blur, but often I’ll pick up on something interesting.


    • Yes, I get plenty of those too but burst helps me increase the odds of a better photo! It’s harder here to take pictures because people can look quite hostile if they think you might take their picture. Where are you these days? I lost track!

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  2. You sound like me in a comment above! I did not have the best attitude about DC for much of my time there, but as the end neared, I sought to find its plusses … and I did! It was nice to leave feeling like our time there had contained some fun. 🙂


    • Exactly. Most of my antagonists have gone away and I’ve kind of accepted that I won’t know more about the country than this. But the A-Z exercise is encouraging me to focus on what I have discovered and learned. I’m glad to hear your’s ended on a positive note.

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