WPC: Butter Lamps (Wish)

Buddhists offer light as a way to dispel the darkness of ignorance and as a wish that their light gives rise to clarity and wisdom.   They are also an aspiration towards the development of greater mental clarity  and a path to happiness and knowing.



8 thoughts on “WPC: Butter Lamps (Wish)

  1. Yes, very true on both counts. I miss the beauty and amazing traditions of Nepal, and the people so much. I don’t miss the pollution and the horrific noise of the traffic. Its been a while since I went through the Nepali photos to find these…so many memories.


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  3. This is lovely indeed. I admit I clicked on it because the word “butter” was in the title. Are these fueled by ghee? Butter colored? Or does the name sound like the word “butter”.

    I love butter..and so I clicked. 🙂


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