WPC: Surprise Poetry!


I love discovering lonely places.  One day, out hiking on our Greek island, we stumbled upon an abandoned home.   It still had some furniture and signs of earlier life, although it was quickly becoming derelict. As we briefly poked around, I was delighted to make the surprise discovery of a poem that was painted on the living room wall behind the sofa:

DSCF6442 (1)

The Greek was way beyond my level, so I asked a Greek friend to translate.  She tells me that the poem is by a famous Greek poet called Kostis Palama and translates roughly as follows:

Let other faraway travelers search for the magical edelweiss on the highest mountains of the Alps

Unmoving spirit, that every April you grace me in my village garden

Oh, lakes and fjords, and western palaces, temples, and ports

Northern lights, tropical blossoms, and meadows

Wonders of the art, and unbelievable beauties of the world

I only love this small little island and always keep its image in my eyes.

I love the idea of someone passing their days in this once-pretty home.  They sat on that wooden sofa, looking out to sea, and loving their “small, little island.”  It made me sad to see that its day had passed.



For this week’s Weekly Photo Challenge, Surprise: https://dailypost.wordpress.com/photo-challenges/surprise-2/



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