November 2017… Wow…just wow!


That was the last time I blogged.  I can hardly believe it, and yet for the all the changes and tumultuous things that have happened since I drew a line on this blog symbolizing a fresh start in Serbia, it also feels like a very long time ago.  Life in Belgrade threw up challenges and difficulties that I could never have predicted.

I don’t like blogging about negative things.  I can see how writing about life’s challenges can be a cathartic experience–I really can–but it has never been for me, either in a public or private diary.  Right now ( and like a great many people, I’m sure), what I need to reflect on  is the positive and joyous things in life.  In between unemployment due to Tillerson’s hiring freeze; serious, prolonged illness in our family; and our current situation where our family is scattered across three continents — there was a Belgrade that made me happy and gave me a wonderful feeling of home.   So right now I want to move forward by looking back at the life-affirming good things, to remember that once this COVID-19 nightmare is over, there will be more of them down the road.  So stand by for a walk through my Belgrade memories.  Stay safe, everyone.

11 thoughts on “November 2017… Wow…just wow!

  1. What a wonderful treat to see you again! So sorry for your struggles and hope things soon return to normal. Looking forward to more. Take good care of you and yours, Caroline!


  2. It was a wonderful surprise for Caroline to be quarantining in our basement when we rolled in from New Zealand last night. We are holding out and hoping to survive the storm together. Nice to have more family with us😊🥂🤞🏼


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