Sign Language: …..and we’re back!

wang wang Came back to Manila today to discover it is a “No Wang Wang” zone. I would be very upset about this if I knew what it was! Later, Google told me it literally means “no sirens”, or more specifically here “no special treatment for self-important people who think they don’t need to line up”. As if….

So… as I stood in line waiting… I glanced over at an interesting sign. If you got very bored standing there, you could always go over to the clean area and avail of their body frisking services which appear to be on offer.  Sounds too good to be missed:

Sign Language: This is not funny!

bomb jokes
A quick post on the way out of Manila (Jakarta bound)….. I love this. What happened I wonder? Did bomb jokes at the airport become a national obsession with everyone and their granny announcing they had a bomb in their bag? Or did some clown take his gag too far one day? We’ll never know….but I won’t be “cracking such jokes” any time soon!