First Glimpses of the City

Its Christmas Eve and we went out for a walk in around Fort Bonafacio, our area of Manila.  Then came back and had a swim in the pool.  Its cool (for Manila) – only about 75 degrees today I would guess, but still pretty humid.  Lots of smog too.  Here are some first pics from our apartment windows.  I tried to take a few long and closer shots to give a sense of perspective.  The fuzziness you see are a mixture of the smog, photographing through tinted windows and the reflection of the glass…so sorry for the quality…but it should give you some idea:

Here’s a long shot of the living room from the dining room.  Everything is sparsely furnished until our stuff gets here:

A little closer.  Note the floor to ceiling glass windows:

Sitting on the sofa and looking out, the golf course takes up a lot of the closer view.  The large very attractive pool is down below on the left.  To the right, the towers of the financial district (Makati).   You can also see the sea in the far middle horizon, but the camera can’t pick up that detail:

Crisper pictures to be had out of my kitchen window, as I am not battling the sun on the glass so much.  (Panoramic views all round from every room):

6 thoughts on “First Glimpses of the City

  1. Beautiful views, Carolyn! Wishing you much happiness on this new adventure for you and your family. We’ll sure miss you if you can’t get to Summit!


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