..and now in further Development News….

As you may well have come to realise, living here is much like living in a real life Sim City game.  With buildings and roads being added and the city changing form almost literally on a daily basis.  If I don’t wander down a certain street for a while, a patch of grass has gone and a building or cark park is going up.

The original shopping street here – High Street – built when there was nothing else but wasteland, is now surrounded by building.  Phase 3 of High Street is nearing completion with tantalizing heads of newly-planted palm trees poking over the construction fence.  Promises of “Blankets of Green”  don’t ring really true.  You mean a pedestrian path with trees in front of shops, right?  But…I’ll take it!  Bring on the trees..all six of them! ;o)  I’m looking forward to another stretch of pedestrian area to avoid traffic and hopefully there might be a nearer supermarket in there too….  More pics when it opens.

What do you think?

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