A Neighbourhood Walk: Plants

As many of you know, I like to walk and Manila has its challenges when it comes to getting around on foot. The heat for one thing…and my resolve to keep going wanes really quickly when I get too hot. The traffic lights go out frequently, and the traffic early in the morning (when its cooler) is horrible.  Sidewalks aren’t in evidence too much and, when they are, they can be treacherous after rain as the moss turns them into ice rinks.  Despite all these challenges, my friend Melanie and I have been pounding the pavement every Friday for about six weeks now.

Exercising outside is still so much better than the gym, and the residential villages near us have lots of interesting plants to look at.

I never tire of seeing the huge banyan trees, the hanging vines, or plants thriving outside that usually sit next to the central heating in our other homes.

Part two – Gates – to follow shortly…

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