Sign Language: Roadmap 2030

There aren’t many so many hilarious “Engrish” signs in the Philippines.  Filipinos usually have beautifully written English, correctly spelled with good grammar.  No struggling with “chicen” or “chikken” here.  Its always spelt “chicken”. Nor any not-so-delicious-sounding dishes such as “deep fried crap” on the menu.   But there’s plenty of other things that jump out for comment.  Here’s a large sign from Dumaguete airport from the local police force, outlining their vision and mission statement for their goals until 2030:

Its interesting how it seems both laudable (who wouldn’t want those goals), sincere, naive (given the many corruption struggles here) and a bit desperate (no-one in the west would write this, suggesting that things aren’t that way currently) – all at the same time.  And bringing the Almighty into a public service statement is just not done in the West.  Ultimately a more interesting sign than a badly spelled menu, I think.

What do you think?

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