Misty Mornings, Spectacular Sunsets at Holywell


We first discovered Holywell Recreational Park on an exploratory weekend drive in the mountains above Kingston. It takes somewhere between 1-1.5hrs to drive the narrow, windy and treacherous road up the mountain. Timing sort of depends on what you get stuck behind, or who’s behind you threatening to overtake uphill on a curve. Drivers here can be crazy that way! Along the road’s edge are plenty of vehicles that tell the story of what can go wrong on blind bends, frighteningly many actually. Or perhaps these were under-maintained vehicles that just gave up the ghost trying to make it up the steep ascents.  Most have been stripped of details like hub caps, tires, or wing mirrors and are now just sitting there rusting. It can be hard to see what fell off and what was taken…but I digress…

Holywell was a wonderful discovery. Its a park open to groups for nature tours or individuals that just want to get outside and find some fresh mountain air. It has well marked trails that aren’t too difficult, great views, as well as places to camp. When we spotted the cabins for rent we planned on coming back to stay for a couple of nights, which is exactly what we did after the Christmas holidays.


Perched on a ridge overlooking Kingston below and the Blue Mountains behind, the cabins feel wonderfully secluded.


Inside the cabin is a wood burning fireplace, a bathroom with solar-powered hot water, a kitchen with an electric oven, refrigerator and basic cooking utensils.  The furniture was a bit run down and spartan but the deck and the fabulous views made up for that.  It was plenty comfy for a couple of nights…certainly better than a tent.

Best of all, the cabin had a large, covered deck with sweeping views across the mountains and down to the port of Kingston and the sea. It was a great place to read or catch a movie,  and watch the ever changing sky roll by before us.   We will go back.





Robert enjoying the view!

15 thoughts on “Misty Mornings, Spectacular Sunsets at Holywell

    • Yes, I forgot to mention that. Quite a bit cooler. I needed a blanket in the morning to sit outside and read. Huge difference when you are hot all the time. BTW I loved your Nicaragua post. Its still sitting open on my other computer as I was going to comment there. Beautiful! Are you still there?

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      • Thanks, and no, unfortunately, I had to get back to re-start work this week. (I’m on a university schedule.) I’m missing the sun and warmth already. It was a great destination – even better than I expected.


  1. Wonderful photos, Caroline! We were up there last summer and it was so lovely… We were wondering what the cabins are like. I don’t think they are very pricey? I’d love to just sit up there and look at some birds, and there are some good trails I hear too…


    • Cabins run $50-60/night at the resident rate (which is what we got.) They book up fast though if you want the weekend. If you can go up mid week you’ll probably have more choice. Trail post coming…;o)


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