SM Aura Revisited

Sept 2012

Construction in Sept 2012

In the usual Sim City style of BGC, SM Aura was built, opened, and packed with people in the blink of an eye.

SM Aura in May 2013

SM Aura in May 2013

I’ve been keeping track on this blog for 2+ years on the rapidly changing face of Fort Bonifacio.  I had planned to do one more post just before we leave which was supposed to include a revisit of the latest significant addition: SM Aura.  However, the building’s opening was uncooperative, with it’s official launch was last Friday led by none other than Sarah Jessica Parker who happens to be in town shooting a new movie.  Therefore, so as not to be the last person in the world to report on this, I am going to do a couple of comparison shots now between last September (as in my blog post then) and today but –fear not– I will do one more construction update next month.

aura crowds

I’ve seen some detailed pictures of the grocery store in the basement, which would probably be our reason for visiting on a regular basis, plus maybe the movie house.  There’s also a Kultura in house, which is good for visitors, and a “sky park” on the roof with some trees and places to eat.  It looks like a pretty spot if it wasn’t too crowded.

I haven’t summoned the courage to go yet, as the crowds were so massive this weekend.  Perhaps I can go on first thing on a rainy Tuesday morning next week, just to say I did?  I’ll save any further comments until I see for myself.

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