Secret Jellyfish World



In Koror, a small island kingdom in the Pacific,  there’s a jellyfish lake. Its water is warm and murky, and gliding in feels like stepping into a warm bath.  Peering below the surface of the water, it takes a few seconds to comprehend the other worldliness of the scene.   Pulsating everywhere around are millions…literally millions…. of jellyfish.  They throb and glide through the water in a psychedelic spiral wave, constantly appearing and then disappearing into the cloudy water beyond.   Little alien brains on a mission for light.

It takes a leap of faith to reach out and touch the first one. I picked a very small jellyfish at first, just to be safe.  Oh, the fear!   It brushed my fingers and I flinched.  But,  just as promised, there was no sting.   Then, feeling braver,  I reached out and touched a larger one.  Scooped in my hand, it felt fragile and vulnerable, and suddenly seemed all it really was- just a lump of jelly.

This post was written as part of the challenge:  Daily Prompt: Twilight Zone

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  9. Hi Caroline…did I hear somewhere that your son is going to college in London? If so, can you tell me where? My niece is in London for a few months taking the Asian Studies Certification Program at Sotheby’s and I thought it might be cool if the two were close that they met up and introduced themselves. (It’s Billy from Roland Antiques’ Daughter Valerie). Hope you are well…..Linda


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