Would you like fries with that?..

There are lots of lots of opportunities for home delivery of food here in Manila.  Just about everyone does home deliver … even McDonalds….even non-chain, independent restaurants.   You see the delivery motorbikes all the time, making dangerous moves in and out of the traffic.  We don’t really do it usually, but last night was an exception.  Latham had his final TOK rehearsal with his presentation partner, and I bought them delivered pizza to keep ’em going and keep ’em focused.

When the pizza showed up, I didn’t give it much thought.  It was just a pizza delivery. But what transpired was really adorable and sort of left me gaping.  The conversation went something like this:

Pizza Delivery Guy:  Good evening mam.  I present to you your pizza delivery.  Presenting your ham and bacon pizza, mam. <removes insulated carrier from his insulated back pack>

Me: Oh, er, thank you very much.

Pizza Guy:  Your pizza, mam, is delivered to you at 7:03pm, mam. A delivery of 24 minutes, mam.

Me: That’s great, thank you

Pizza Guy:  <removes pizza from carrier>.  Mam, this is your HOT on the DOT pizza. <he whips out a small plastic circular device and holds it over a thermal circle on the box. The disc reads “hot”> As you can see it is delivered Hot on the Dot.  <He points to the circle>

Me:  Oh, thank you, that’s great.

Delivery Guy: <opens box letting out half of the heat> Your pizza mam.  With no mushrooms as you asked.

<produces another box> Also, mam, your pigs in a blanket, mam.

Me: Thank you

Delivery Guy: <whips out a bottle from a previously unknown cooler on his other side>…and your Pepsi Max mam.  I must caution you to take care when removing the lid,  mam, to avoid accidents.

Me: Er, yes, good idea.  Let’s take care of the eyeballs. How much is that?….

5 thoughts on “Would you like fries with that?..

  1. Love the delivery food in Manila. I was preggers when I was there and I would order fries and a McFlurry for McDo’s all the time. Not my most healthy pregnant food choice but at least it was not dried fish. I miss the delivery.


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