Boudha in the Rain

Boudha Stupa Kathmandu

Entering Boudhanath Stupa

Boudhanath Stupa is one of the most popular places to visit in Kathmandu.  Its in the Buddhist section of town and a huge center of Buddhism in the city. We visited a while back when we first arrived in the city, but I didn’t have the chance to take pictures until now.

Dusk was falling and so was the rain. I was disappointed because I finally had my camera and a chance to capture the experience on film and the rain threatened the opportunity. But it quickly became intriguing how the umbrellas added to the atmosphere and pretty soon I found myself taking pictures of a very different Boudha.  Here are a few of my favourite shots:

Boudha Stupa Kathmandu

The parade of umbrellas traveled clockwise around the Stupa. The clockwise only rule still applies in the rain!

Boudha Stupa Kathmandu

As dusk fell, the decorative lights started to turn on…

Boudha Stupa Kathmandu

…and the Buddha eyes looked down.

Boudha Stupa Kathmandu

The stores selling Buddhist trinkets and religious items started to close….

Old tibetan man

…but the devout carried on with their prayers.

Boudha Stupa Kathmandu

The whole stupa was lit with thousands of fairy lights, which washed the temple with colour…


…and a spectacular sight when darkness came.

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