Five Days/Five Greek Photos Day 1: Oh the Veg!

We spent a very fast month at home in Greece. When we arrived it seemed far longer than just a year since we were last there. The events during our last three months in Nepal left us desperate for some peace, quiet and calm, which Spetses has in abundance and we desperately sucked in.

Unusually this year, I never went out to hike and explore, which is one of my favourite things to do. It wasn’t an effect of the earthquake but a small, persistent injury that kept me from the hiking trails. So this year, I just focused on the simple pleasures of the low-hanging fruit – both literally and figuratively.

Oh the Greek fruit and vegetables! How I love thee!  And how I loved shopping in the local twice weekly market, seeing fresh, abundant produce piled high on the tables.  They glistened in the early morning sun and screamed “buy me”… even calling out suggestions for dishes I could make.  That’s how good they are!