Sign Language: Think!

Filipino Public Information Sign

This informational sign was posted at the passenger ferry port in Dumaguete.  We were stuck there for over 2 hours and there was pretty little else to look at after a while.  Its not the first time I’ve seen a sign like this, especially in public places.  I think its a sneak peak into the prep talks that you see going on everywhere around the country at shift changes, and an important glimpse into the Filipino mind set on community responsibility.  It also reminded me of this sign I’ve seen around everywhere in Manila:

rotary filipino four way test

This sign gives its origin away.  Most of the ones I’ve seen don’t include the Rotary logo.  I kept seeing it over and over and wondering where it came from, until I finally figured it out thanks to the Google Oracle.  He’s a picture of Mr Rotary himself, holding the original 1943 sign.  I never noticed it around in the States at all, but its alive and well in Manila.

original rotary 4 way test