Air Shipment Has Arrived!

When you leave for post, your baggage is limited to whatever the airlines deems as the rules on how much you can take.  Usually these days this looks like 2 suitcases of no more than 50lbs each, plus a small carry on suitcase, plus a personal item.  That a total number of items per person of 4.  There were three of us, so that was going to be at least 12 items to count in and out of every taxi and transportation experience from door to door.  Then Robert’s very kind and very cool cousin (Yay! for Susie.  Thank you…thank you…) used some of her air mileage to upgrade us to business class.  This is always a great thing, but when you have 24 hours of flight ahead of you, the upgrade way surpassed “great”.  We also got business class baggage allowance which gives up to 3 pieces each and more generous poundage.  We ended up with 13 pieces total, and alot less carry-on/personal items to schlup around.  Even with all this crap in our entourage, it still doesn’t equal that much stuff to live on for up to 3 months while we wait for our household effects.  Its amazing what you really need to bring from a travel printer, to cameras, personal important documents, etc. etc. before you even get to clothes.

To help with this situation, the government provides a welcome kit for your home when you get there.  Think saucepans, sheets, towels etc.  It also allows you ship a small amount of personal effects by air.  Extra clothes, office equipment for me, really useful household stuff etc.   Anyway…the air shipment arrived last weekend!  I will gloss over the experience of discovering the packing job that was done and some of the unfortunate consequences… and just move on to how great it was to get three huge cardboard boxes full of long lost treasures from distant NJ.  Here are a few pics:

P.S.  Our main stuff is due to arrive in March.

One thought on “Air Shipment Has Arrived!

  1. Caroline, I only moved my office down the street and around the corner. I can only imagine what it’s been like for you! But I know you’re a trooper and very organized so you’ll whip it all into shape in now time.

    Best to you!



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