Lingering in the Garden of Dreams


This very pretty bench is the perfect place to take some time to enjoy the sunshine, read a book, or just linger for a few minutes and take in the view. There’s nowhere else like it in Kathmandu.

Literally, nowhere.  Kathmandu streets are dusty, noisy and difficult to navigate.  Motorbikes don’t pay much attention to sidewalks.  And pedestrians have a very loose idea of where they’re supposed to walk.  So both mingle in a continual stream of near disaster and, if you’re not vigilant, you may well be standing in the wrong place when disaster happens.  And if you’re not looking down, you can trip, or twist your ankle or tread in something nasty. There are no benches, public parks or quiet spots, only gaps in the chaos where people dump their garbage.  It ain’t pretty.  Not surprisingly–especially as a foreigner–there is nowhere to stop and take a breath.

Except the charming Garden of Dreams, a paid park close to Kathmandu’s tourist district of Thamel, and a little haven of quiet and solitude amid all the chaos.  Getting out of Kathmandu to the beauty of Nepal is not always possible, but here at least you can escape for a little while.


Hanging out on the grassy amphitheater at the Garden on Dreams. Here in the dusty dry season, its not so green. But is pretty, calm, and  no one bothers you.


The park grounds are from the former Kaiser palace and still retain their feeling of Neo-Classical splendor.





Garden of Dreams

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28 thoughts on “Lingering in the Garden of Dreams

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  6. I really enjoyed this post! M has been promising me a visit to the Garden of Dreams together when I arrive in Ktm! He told me a story of him and his best friend as children peeking over the top of the Garden of Dreams and seeing the couples walking around. He never thought that he would be taking someone so soon! 😛


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      • I haven’t looked at my map of KTM yet to see exactly where it is. I Won’t be staying in Thamel I’m staying with families at Bodnath and Bakatapur I already know KTM quite well as I’ve been there a few times when en route for Tibet so obviously know the main tourist attractions so am always interested in hearing about places I don’t know. Cheers!


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    • Well, I’m still trying to figure out the names. I call trees like than banyan trees but its sort of a generic label. I don’t know if its really a banyan. And then there are also pipal trees. Pipal may be the nepali for banyan, or it may be another, similar type of tree. Most people can’t answer those confusing types of questions, so I’m still trying to understand. Hope that helps a bit.


  17. Very nice post. I just stumbled upon your weblog and wished
    to say that I’ve truly enjoyed browsing your blog posts. After all I’ll be subscribing
    to your rss feed and I hope you write again soon!


    • Thanks! I’m trying to keep them coming! Hope the RSS feed is working. I’ve had some issues. You might be better to subscribe for email notifications. I never send anything other than the posts.


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