Nepali Slam Poetry

I would never think of “slam poetry” as something that would interest me.  But when I saw this short performance by the slam poetry group, Word Warriors, I just had to share it here. I think its astounding.

Like Indian women, Nepali women often suffer abuse in silence.  The are taught to accept gender-based violence as something that comes with being married, and the stories I hear are more than appalling.  They have no voice, no say, no rights.  Its time for things to change and, as women like this speak up, hopefully things will start to change.

This three minute performance is a powerful presentation.  Please take a few minutes to watch it.  Things will only start to change if they are heard.

About Word Warriors:  In November 2010, Quixote’s Cove organized the QC Awards 2010: The Poetry Slam and, with the US Embassy cultural program, brought three American slam poets to Nepal. After the success of this event, a group of around 15 young poets wanted to keep writing, sharing and performing poems and formed Nepal’s first ever slam poetry group, Word Warriors. Since then, Word Warrior members have performed at countless events, schools and colleges. They have organized two interschool slam competitions in Kathmandu Valley and Surkhet (outside the capital Kathmandu), and host monthly poetry performances in Kathmandu. The Word Warrior facebook group has over 9000 members and is one of the most vibrant online literary groups in Nepal. These young poets represent the beginnings of a grass root poetry movement.


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